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Our focus is to enable every student to access the curriculum independently and experience a sense of success both in and outside of the classroom.

Chantal Theron

- Chantal Theron, Lower School Principal
Chantal Theron

Chantal Theron, Lower School Principal

Chantal has been an educator for over 25 years. She holds an Honours degree in Education and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. In addition to having been a homeroom teacher, Lower Primary Coordinator; Upper Primary Coordinator, Pastoral Coordinator and Principal of both Early Childhood and Lower School, she has specialised in Didactic Remedial Intervention and Dramatic Arts Integration. At various times throughout her career she has been involved in the development and running of sports programmes at different schools and, as a practitioner of Educational Kinesiology, she believes the whole child approach to education is best. She strongly believes in the IB Learner Profile that states – being balanced in all areas of our lives is key to a successful experience.

We place great emphasis on student voice and the importance of individual accountability in the setting of goals and achieving success. Dedicated teachers and involved parents work together to ensure all students grow in confidence and responsibility, while fostering a caring and tolerant attitude towards everyone in their community.

Our transdisciplinary and inquiry-based curriculum inspires students to become critical thinkers, able to reason and adapt their knowledge to new findings, and make practical connections to everyday life.

Students leave our division as confident individuals, aware of their strengths and abilities, and ready for the challenges of Middle School.

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