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Because we believe a great Early Childhood education is all about building the appropriate foundations for learning, our team is motivated to create the best possible start to your child’s educational journey.

Susan Leese

- Susan Leese, Early Childhood Principal

Susan Leese, Early Childhood Principal

Susan was born and educated in England and South Africa, receiving an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree in the biological sciences, before turning specifically to Early Childhood education. Her background in science inquiry means she is deeply committed to developing a child’s natural curiosity. Susan has a teaching certificate through Michigan State University, and her postgraduate studies at the University of Bath led her to do a Master’s study in the use of technology in the Early Years. She has had considerable teaching experience in PYP schools in Germany, Namibia and the Bahamas. Joining ACS in 2000, Susan has taught at ACS Egham and ACS Cobham, before being appointed as Early Childhood Principal at ACS Doha in 2012. Susan’s two children have successfully graduated from ACS and she brings an invaluable perspective to the school as an ACS parent, administrator and teacher.

There is a sense of belonging here. Children, teachers and parents communicate freely. Our classrooms really do inspire. Learning is personalised to the needs, interests and abilities of each and every student. Children are confident to explore, problem-solve and take on new challenges as they make sense of their surroundings.

Our programme is one of quality

  • A safe, caring and nurturing environment
  • Celebrating diversity, and the coming together of students from many different cultures
  • Where every teacher is committed to helping your child succeed
  • Where teachers are experts, accountable and approachable
  • Offering a planned curriculum with a focus on play and exploration, active learning, creative and critical thinking.

Our goal is clear. We understand best practice. We create an authentic, relevant learning experience for children. The result is happy students, genuinely motivated to learn.

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