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Leadership is more than being the best scholar, athlete, or debater at our school. It is a purpose inspired by the international community in which we all participate.

Together we shape the young hearts and minds that grow to respect cultural differences, and choose to make a difference to the lives of others.

This is most clearly seen in our many student-led outreach programmes. It is also highlighted by our long-standing commitment to create brighter learning opportunities in Namibia, and the international works of our Disaster Relief Fund to help alleviate the impact of sudden tragedy wherever it may occur in the world.

Students drive the many events that draw together artistic, cultural, interpersonal, intellectual, and compassionate leadership to extend learning beyond the classroom, and community beyond our front gates. Our young people turn compassion into action. The future is theirs, and they are proud to take responsibility for it.

At ACS Cobham we understand the value of co-curricular activities in helping to provide a well-rounded and balanced school experience. The division-specific lists below provide an example of the activities on offer, and are updated to reflect demand.

Our co-curricular offerings

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    All extracurricular activities are subject to modification.

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