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The IB Diploma and A Levels have spent decades trying to convince UK students that they each offer the best preparation for success at university. Find out about some of the key differences between the IB Diploma Programme and A Level qualification. Read more >

We take a look at how classroom spaces are changing to meet the needs of the next generation of students. Read more >

We share some valuable tips on what students should include in a successful UCAS personal statement. Read more >

With university admissions officers increasingly looking out for students with a particular set of skills, we take a look at how the IB Diploma better prepares students for university and the world beyond. Read more > 

We explore how origami can play a vital part in teaching children science. Read more >

Find out how the current post-millennial generation can use their potential to change the world. Read more >

With 'the arts' becoming increasingly undervalued within the modern world, we explore its importance in the developement of children. Read more > 

Find out some top mindfulness techniques that can help students deal with exam worry. Read more >


Find out if wearing school uniform has a direct influence on the development of young people. Read more > 

Is formal testing in primary schools, killing curiosity within children and affecting their personal development? Read more > 

Does participation in school sports improve student performance in the classroomRead more > 

Read more about the draw of universities in Europe and get help choosing the right one for you. Read more >

ACS Egham is dropping 'traditional' homework for students aged four to eleven. Read more > 

Developing a well-rounded individual, with a lifelong thurst for learning is a welcome alternative to 'teaching to the test'. Read more >

Find out some of the top qualities university admissions officers look for when assessing student applications. Read more > 

As the digital world continues to develop at pace, have search engines created an ill-equipped generation of 'screenagers' unable to think for themselves? Read more >

From the opening of new facilities, to student enrolment records being broken, we take a look at some of ACS International Schools' highlights from 2017. Read more >

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