ACS Hillingdon International School

ACS Hillingdon celebrates graduating class of 2018

Students from ACS Hillingdon International School celebrated their final year and academic achievements at a graduation ceremony attended by over 400 family members, friends and staff.

ACS Hillingdon students' hat toss

Over 54 students, aged between 17 – 18 years, have just completed their pre-university qualifications. They studied either the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, an internationally recognised qualification that will allow them to continue their studies at universities worldwide or the Advanced Placement Programme, also highly regarded by universities across Europe and in North America.

The ceremony also included awards recognising the students’ outstanding achievements throughout their time at ACS Hillingdon. The Founders' Award was received by Miriam Kanya and celebrates her academic achievement, contribution to school life, service to others and exceptional leadership.

Martin Hall, Head Teacher at ACS Hillingdon, said:

The ceremony was a wonderful way to celebrate this year’s graduating class. I am very proud of all their achievements and I would like to wish each student every success as they begin their new chapter. Each graduate has shown immense hard work throughout their time at ACS Hillingdon; I wish them the best of luck for the future.

Graduating class of 2018

Martin Hall addresses students

The guest speaker at the graduation ceremony was Bonita Norris, the youngest woman to scale Mount Everest at 22 years old. Bonita talked about the challenges she faced climbing Everest, including securing funding and the physical effort and focus needed to reach the summit. She encouraged all students to keep striving for their dreams despite the obstacles they may face in the future.

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