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ACS Doha wins Progress Qatar Award

ACS Doha International School is honoured to have received the Progress Qatar Award for its contribution to education in Qatar.

The award was presented during Oryx Publishing’s launch ceremony of the 14th Edition of ‘Progress Qatar 2017-18’ at the Hilton Hotel in Doha on 14 March 2018.

‘Progress Qatar’ is an annual publication that sheds light on top companies and authorities highlighting the progress of their operations in Qatar. The Progress Awards ceremony, held under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, highlighted the efforts and success of leaders in Qatar. This year, the awards were presented to winners in seven categories: Economy, ICT, Education, Health, Infrastructure, Environment, and Culture and Sports.

Part of the 50-year-old ACS International Schools Group, ACS Doha’s recent accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges affirms its status in Qatar as a well-established school with a proven track record of delivering excellent results for the learning community as a whole – starting with students and including teachers, parents and leadership. The school celebrated its third graduation ceremony in 2018 having placed more than a hundred graduates in universities in the USA, UK and Canada, and the rest of the world – helping to advance Qatar’s reach and influence around the world.

Learners at ACS Doha can participate in organised travel to other countries as part of the school’s Service Learning Programme, whereby students are offered opportunities to carry out community service abroad and learn about environmental issues. This also helps them to explore other learning styles and methods outside Qatar. Recently, the school offered visits to Oman, Laos, Italy, and Cobham (UK). At home, the ethos of internationalism and community brings together people of all ethnic backgrounds. Qatar National Day provides a meaningful, special occasion for the whole school community of ACS Doha to come together and share experiences inspired by the history, rich culture and beautiful heritage of Qatar.

The spirit of collaboration for growth has been evident in a number of partnerships set up by ACS Doha this year. A collaboration with Qatar Foundation Recreation Centre has helped realise more of the school’s sporting potential, while it is developing its own state-of-the-art campus. Their Memorandum of Understanding allows ACS Doha students and community to make use of some of the highest levels of sports facilities in Qatar, which, in line with the human development goals of Qatar National Vision 2030, encourages widespread participation in sports and physical activity from an early age, and helps inspire positive, long-lasting health.

Early in December 2017, ACS Doha football coaches leading the school’s Coerver® Coaching Centre of Excellence were invited to work with Qatar’s national talent centre coaches at Aspire in a practical session of Coerver® – the globally renowned football-coaching methodology for skill acquisition and increased confidence among young footballers. The Aspire group are responsible for the performance development of the national programme from grass-roots through to elite players. It became evident during the exercise that Aspire, Coerver® and ACS Doha share core values of persistence and hard work for growth.

ACS Doha also offers all Lower School grades regular visits to the recently opened Qatar National Library, not only as part of students’ ongoing learning journey, but to encourage them to take advantage of one of the biggest educational achievements in Qatar during this past year. Importantly, ICT is also integrated from an early age with a 'Bring Your Laptop' programme helping students to attain their full potential in school. A One-on-One iPad programme providing an iPad to each student to facilitate new learning opportunities in Lower and Middle School is another key school feature.

During the past year, Qatar has made considerable progress in education, as exemplified by the achievements of ACS Doha. These high standards of academic and social performance, community engagement and international outlook are increasingly in demand around the world, and Qatar can only benefit by continuing to expand its educational horizons and increase both the quantity and quality of education on offer at all levels to its citizens and residents.

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