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I urge you all to pursue your dreams wherever they take you, armed with your education and ready for the glorious battle of life, your journey have just began, my friends!

Ms Ghada M. Darwish, ceremony guest speaker.

Ms. Ghada M. Darwish, Ceremony Guest Speaker.

The class of 2018 has left an indelible mark on the school adding immeasurably to ACS Doha’s identity. The Seniors have worked hard and persevered through the most challenging year of their high school journey. Graduation day is an important day to recognize these achievements before the ACS class of 2018 go out into the world. Read on to see some of the highlights of ACS Doha's Graduation 2018:

The Speeches

This year's graduation ceremony was led by three speakers - Robert Cody, Trevor Furness and Ms. Ghada M. Darwish, who all imparted some wise words of wisdom to the graduating students. Here are some of the key quotes from the ceremony:  

Remember, your impact on others and the world will be recorded. This is a great responsibility so make sure the impression you leave is a life of inspiration. A life of caring. A life of Joy. And a life of making a difference.

Robert Cody, ACS Doha Head of School.

The graduates have the immense potential to overhaul our world by restoring balance and coherence. They will act in unison, will utilize all resources equitably, be part of a global citizenry that will develop global solutions. They will not leave light fingerprints on the world when they are done. Their impressions will be long lasting and transformative. We are proud and privileged to witness the genesis of a brighter future.

Trevor Furness, Middle/High School Principal .

Guest Speaker 

Guest speakers are always a key highlight of any graduation ceremony, and this was no different. ACS Doha invited Ms. Ghada M. Darwish to inspire the class of 2018, as this year's ceremony guest speaker. 

Ms. Ghada is a celebrated Qatari lawyer (Founder and Managing Partner of Ghada M. Darwish Law Firm) who has dedicated herself to the betterment of the lives of all in her country. Ms. Darwish first introduced herself at the ceremony, by stating that there were few people who had left a 'fingerprint' on her life to help her become who she is today - but she hoped that she could leave some small impact on the graduating class of 2018.

Meet some of our graduating students


Olivia Profile - ACS Doha Graduate 2018

Olivia Perry - The Class of 2018 Historian

Olivia has been part of the ACS family since the very beginning. She has seen the school grow and evolve. Her peers describe her as a leader - a strong-willed individual.


Sarah Khatib - The Class of 2018 Salutatorian

Sarah is well respected among her peers and is known as a driven and passionate individual, who set herself lofty academic goals and has achieved them. Being an ideal ACS student, she was chosen to represent the school at the IBO Conference in London last year.

Louise Danielle Aurelia – The Class of 2018 Valedictorian

Danielle is a friend and a mentor. She is hard-working and focused, not only on her own journey but also others, be it academic or personal. The valedictorian award is well deserved and is a reflection not only  of her achievements but  also her attitude.

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