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On behalf of the ACS Hillingdon Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), we would like to welcome you to ACS Hillingdon.  The PTSA is our school's association of parents, teachers, students and administrators, and every parent whose child attends ACS Hillingdon is a member of the PTSA.

We hold two annual General PTSA Meetings to discuss numerous school-wide issues, and we also hold monthly Executive Meetings.  Every parent is welcome to attend all PTSA meetings and take part in the discussions.

The PTSA also hosts regular Parent Information Meetings (PIMs) for each school (Lower, Middle, High).  These meetings, organised by the PTSA Liaisons and Principals, give parents the opportunity to discuss issues - specific to their Division - directly with the Principal.
To help you stay up-to-date, the PTSA emails parents a newsletter and a bi-weekly calendar. Other PTSA activities include coordinating classroom parent volunteers, Welcome Bagel Breakfast, Welcome Picnics, Multi-Cultural Events, Holiday Treats, Family Fun Day, and the annual Staff Appreciation Luncheon.

To help promote cultural awareness, the PTSA has a Multicultural Committee chaired by the Multicultural Coordinator. This group holds regular events and shares friendship, ideas and experiences between the more than 40 countries represented on campus. The PTSA also has a Fine Arts Liaison who is responsible for helping to promote and enhance the Arts (drama, music and visual arts) at the school. The Athletics Committee helps support the Middle and High School athletics programmes.

The Welcome Team is another vital part of the PTSA, offering assistance and guidance to families (especially new families) adjusting to life here in the UK and at our school.

Whether you are a new or returning family to ACS Hillingdon, we warmly invite you to become an active part of the PTSA.  Our school is a wonderful mix of diverse cultures and backgrounds, providing both students and their families with many exciting opportunities to grow and learn as world citizens.


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