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ACS has a long history of harnessing the best new technologies to support the way we evolve our teaching skills, and the learning abilities of our students.

We understand the nature of learning has changed, and embrace the reality that mobile technology is at the core of a new educational experience. With a 1:1 iPad programme in Grades 3 to 12 – and two expert IT Integrationists on hand to support faculty in the delivery of  engaging and compelling classes – we pursue excellence in areas that are relevant to today’s education, and life in the wider world beyond.

 As a leading IB school we live its philosophy and encourage students to think laterally. In our experience, the iPad is the ideal tool to achieve advantage, as it gives students ‘instant’ learning possibilities. The iPad facilitates thinking ‘outside the box’, and at Egham, our students and teachers relish the possibilities it presents. We are a truly international community, tied together by the one IB curriculum and the exciting technologies that allow us to share, collaborate and learn more dynamically than ever before.


Egham is also the only ACS campus to offer Design Technology to students in Grades 6 to 12. We have a well-equipped lab, with a range of CAD/CAM equipment, including an industry standard 3-D printer, and a laser cutter/engraver to support the curriculum. Students love their Design lessons, because it is hands-on, and they get an experience that is both ‘real’ and fulfilling.


Crucially, we believe the greatest benefit of our IT strategy is that it celebrates the learning skills we continue to prize most dearly – listening, reading, writing, and numeracy – while also inspiring students to new thinking.


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