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ACS has a long history of harnessing the best new technologies to differentiate the way we deliver a relevant and progressive education.

Following extensive research and a successful pilot programme at our schools, we are proud to offer a fully integrated mobile learning programme at every age.

The adoption of mobile technology empowers both students and teachers with greater access to ‘instant’ learning capabilities, both in and outside of the classroom. Immediate benefits include an increase in active teacher facilitation, as well as a significant rise in student engagement and participation. The longer-term advantages are as dynamic and as individual as the people who make up our global learning community.

The nature of learning has changed and we embrace the reality that mobile technology is at the core of a new educational experience. With iPads for Grades PK3 to 2, laptops for Grades 1 to 11, and a bring-your-own Mac laptop programme for Grades 6 to 11, we pursue excellence in areas that are relevant to a progressive education, and life in the wider world beyond.

Crucially, we believe the greatest benefit of our IT strategy is that it inspires students to new thinking, while celebrating the learning skills we continue to prize most dearly – listening, reading, writing, and numeracy.

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