ACS Egham International School

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All students who graduate from ACS Egham earn an American High School Diploma. Courses that meet five periods per week for one year earn one credit. 20.5 credits are required, including the following:

  • English - 4 credits
  • Social Studies, and Foreign Language - 6 credits (a minimum of 3 credits in social studies, and 2 credits in one foreign language)
  • Mathematics, and Sciences - 6 credits (a minimum of 2 credits in each area)
  • Arts (Art, Drama, Music) - 1 credit
  • PE and Health are required in the High School - 1/2 credit.

An Honors Diploma requires 24 credits, including:

  • 4 in English
  • 7 in Mathematics and Sciences
  • 7 in Modern Languages and Social Studies


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