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Thank you for considering ACS International Schools for your children. We are proud of our dynamic learning community made up of local and global families from over 100 different countries. Our state-of-the-art campuses and leading academic programmes enable every student to succeed as an individual, and ultimately attend the university of their choice anywhere in the world. We welcome student applications throughout the year. However, we advise you to apply as soon as possible as there is limited availability.


Select an ACS Campus

UK Campus Notification

We welcome applications to more than one UK campus. At this stage please tick one box only (your preferred school, if known). You can indicate other campus choices in the online application form.

Doha Campus Notification

If your child requires Learning support, or English language support as a non-native speaker, please contact us before making an application to make sure we can meet their educational needs. 


Application Fee & School Fees

Please take note of the following before applying:

  • For all ACS schools there is an application fee (non-refundable) payable by debit/credit card.
  • This fee covers administrative costs such as assessments, the coordination of reports and reviews.
  • The application fee does not guarantee a place.
  • Please read the relevant School Fees page before applying:

Make an Application

To start the application process, please click the 'Apply Online Now' button below to create an account.

You will need to supply the following items as part of the online application process:

  • Copies of school records in English, signed and stamped by the issuing school (Latest and past depending on age)
  • Completed reference forms from teachers (Reference forms available to download from within the application process)
  • Student questionnaire for Grade 5 and above (Questionnaire available to download from within the application process)
  • If your child receives support we will also need an Educational psychological evaluation and Individual Education Plan
  • Copies of any standardised testing your child has undertaken
  • ACS Doha Only: the Ministry of Education, Qatar, requires all academic documents to be attested for enrolling in schools in Qatar. All academic reports must contain the following 4 attestations before applicants can be enrolled: ​
    • Notary attestation from home country
    • Foreign Affairs attestation from home country
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Qatar
    • Embassy attestation

Should you require any personal assistance with your application, or if you feel there is additional information we should be made aware of to support your application, please contact Admissions directly.

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