ACS Cobham International School

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ACS Cobham offers a comprehensive and robust curriculum, built upon the principles of the US education system and adapted to the needs of an international student body.

Our acclaimed programmes inspire students to pursue multiple academic disciplines, become successful learners, and grow into responsible global citizens.

What makes us different

High School offers a comprehensive curriculum that meets the needs and ambitions of our entire international student body, through the renowned:

  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)
  • Advanced Placement Capstone Diploma (APCP)
  • Advanced Placement International Diploma (APID)
  • Advanced Placement (AP) courses
  • ACS High School Diploma (US).

While many graduates continue their studies at top universities in the United States, the UK and around the world, ACS Cobham is most proud of the fact that it enables students to attend a top choice university.

Middle School prepares students for the rigours of High School. Each is encouraged to participate in co- and extra-curricular activities and to choose from a variety of electives and clubs. Community service and leadership are a focus, and play a vital role in offering a complete student experience.

Lower School students are guided by inspiring teachers to develop their academic, social, emotional and creative potential.  Our academic programme is aligned to rigorous standards and delivered using the Responsive Classroom approach with developmentally appropriate challenges.  We provide a broad and balanced curriculum which prepares our students to embrace independent learning, collaborative teamwork, and responsible decision making.

Early Childhood classroom work is enriched by weekly lessons in Art, Dance and Movement, French, PE, and Forest Schools – all taught by specialists.

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